If you wish to change anything contained in your Ontario Articles of Incorporation or your Canadian Federal Articles of Incorporation, e.g., changing from a numbered company to a named company, you must file Articles of Amendment. In the case of changing your corporate name, the same rules and regulations apply as to the initial incorporation.

Completing Articles of Incorporation

There are different options open to you. For example, you could:

Investigate and purchase all items yourself, including the NUANS search, Articles of Incorporation Forms, Minute Book and Corporate Seal;

Purchase our Ontario or Federal Complete Incorporation Package by which we provide you with everything you need, and do the all work for you. Your role is to print the Articles of Incorporation

and sign them. The cost of the package is less than you would pay by purchasing the items separately.

The most appropriate option for you depends on factors such as the amount of time you want to spend researching all the requirements for incorporation versus spending that time building up your business.

Order a Corporate Seal or Minute Book

A corporation has shareholders, directors and officers. The shareholders are the owners of the corporation, and determine who becomes directors of the corporation. These directors are responsible for the overall management of the corporation and, in turn, appoint officers such as the president.

Corporations must keep written records of events such as annual shareholders’ meetings, and confirm the occurrence of such meetings with the government. These result in Corporate By-Laws, as well as Director and Shareholder Resolutions, which define many aspects of a corporation. Appropriate records must also be maintained of directors and shareholders, even if there is only one of each. These organizational requirements and other records of a corporation are normally kept in the corporate Minute Book.

A Corporate Seal is used to emboss the corporation’s name on legal documents. Typically, the first application for a corporate seal is the opening of a corporate bank account.

Corporate Name Protection

Make Sure You Understand These

Corporate Name Confusion can End Your Business

Perhaps the easiest way to appreciate the impact of name confusion is to consider a simple example. The Yellow Pages for a Canadian city lists the following businesses for making signs:

  • Sign Lady
  • Sign Maker
  • Signs Direct
  • Signs in 20 Hours
  • Signs Now
  • Signs Plus
  • Sign Studio
  • Signs That Work
  • Signs For You

Other sign making businesses include:

  1. Unique Signs
  2. Vintage Signs
  3. Versatile Signs

Each name within each of the two groups of names is unique. However, each name within each group is also similar to, and easily confused with, all the other names in the group. If you owned any one of these businesses it would be difficult for your customers and potential customers to distinguish your business from its competitors. Possible effects of this confusion include:

your competitor getting business when one of your customers recommends your business to a friend or associate! Check out my previous post on wyoming registered agents.