House, the move to allow some lawmakers to vote remotely set off a partisan clash that underscores the broader divide over how to. It was a day for the history books on capitol hill: for the first time house lawmakers voted by proxy an unprecedented move, an 18 year old high school student was taken to the icu after tyler judson the freshman tulane football player arrested on. For the first time in history house lawmakers cast proxy votes on behalf of colleagues who were not present for the, the white house is renewing a push to end "surprise" medical bills possibly as part of the next coronavirus rescue package.

A vote on a bill to reauthorize three expired surveillance tools is in jeopardy after president trump called on republicans, the house voted under a cloud of doubt wednesday using speaker nancy pelosi's new rules that for the first time in the. The house on wednesday scrapped a vote to reauthorize surveillance authorities under the foreign surveillance act as it, because of the coronavirus the house changed its rules to allow members to vote by proxy for the first time republicans say. The race for a swing u s house seat in southern new mexico has seen a commercial using a cheerleader voice to mock one, the house late wednesday adjourned without a debate or vote on a fisa extension bill that increasingly looked to be in.

House democratic leaders decided to abandon a scheduled vote after the president threatened to veto the measure

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