Sheldon Solow



Sheldon Solow was a New York University dropout, however, his business acumen was too sharp and this never posed to be an impediment on his way.



After dropping out of college, Solow started working as in real estate business, putting everything that he owned on the construction of the business building at 9 West 57th Street.


This building has not become an icon of success and perfection in the sphere. It created shock waves due to its curved glass façade and quickly went on to become one of the most profitable buildings in Midtown.


Thanks to the success of this endeavor, Solow now owns a collection of residential and commercial properties such as Sutton Place North, the Solow Tower on East 66th Street, One East River Place, The Upper East Side and Rivers Bend.


If Solow gets the required clearance, he will go on to build the second largest development in Manhattan – it is a $4 billion mini-city on 9.8 acres of land along the East River from 35th to 41st Street.


Here, he is planning to build property of seven glass offices and residential skyscrapers, along with a large pubic pavilion, 4.8 acres of gardens and lawns.


However, the local residential people have raised concern about the number of buildings and the height. This is why the mini-city has not yet been granted the clearance, more than a decade later.


Other Prominent Involvements

Solow takes major interest in collecting art. Some of the works that he owns are placed on display at 9 West 57th Street. His collection includes paintings by Francis Bacon, Matisse, Balthus and so on.


He also has collection on sculptures by Henry Moore, Giacometti and Van Gogh. In the year 2007, he donated two whole floors of a New York City townhouse to the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University.


The property that he donated as estimated to be about $2 million. Solow also took an active interest in Jewish welfare and donated a lot to Jewish charities.



Controversy has always been like Solow’s middle name. This billionaire property business developer has been infamous for the number of legal battles he has fought.


Interestingly, he has filed over 200 suits against competitors, business associates and at times even friends! In 2004, Solow and his good friend Peter Kalikow ended up in a lawsuit when Solow went ahead and posted an ad in New York Post that said that Kalikow was bankrupt.


This malicious and false news sent creditors swarming for an exit point. Solow went ahead with this plan because apparently Kalikow had repaid a $7 million loan too quickly. This meant that Solow was denied the extra credit he was banking upon – thus the lawsuit.


Personal Life

Solow is married and lives with his wife on East 72nd Street. Together, they have two children. Solow named his son Stefan as his “heir apparent.”


Solow also owns homes in other places like Greenwich, Conn., Highland Park and Lily Pond Lane in East Hampton.


Sheldon Solow