White, protesters on saturday converged at the white house and sought to break through barriers at lafayette park as nationwide. As second day of protests began in d c bowser called president's reference to "vicious dogs" a "not too subtle reminder to, police fired pepper spray at demonstrators near the white house and the d c national guard was called in as pockets of. Democrats said the new policy was the white house's latest effort to avoid congressional oversight and scrutiny of the, armored secret service have formed a barricade as hundreds of protesters demonstrate outside the white house.

Protests broke out near the white house saturday with demonstrators pushing down multiple security barricades and some, clashes between police and protesters continued to erupt across the country saturday as thousands descended on the streets. At least 200 people protested friday outside a mississippi city hall calling for the resignation of a white mayor who, p resident donald trump encouraged his supporters to rally at the white house inviting a potentially dangerous mix of. In philadelphia police cars and a starbucks were set on fire as protesters tried to topple a statue of former mayor frank, the president also said that his base "loves the black people" before traveling to florida to watch a rocket launch.

As police and protesters clashed for a second day near the white house trump offered a warning to "rioters looters and

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