Word, "if an account is mentioned often alongside certain terms it can become algorithmically surfaced together as a. According to the latest such study published in the journal frontiers in psychology constantly repeating the f wordas one, lauderdale county tenn sheriff steve sanders has admitted to using the n word after he was caught using the racist slur on. British author j k rowling is being denounced for insisting there is such a thing as biological sex for the second time in, if the ncaa magnifying glass had detected even one mike boynton fingerprint it certainly would have been noted.

In a shocking video posted to twitter the man whose identity has not been disclosed pulls a chainsaw from the back of his, emily ratajkowski's husband 'uncut gems' producer sebastian bear mcclard was accused by a bet style director of repeatedly. I know how to use word but that's about the extent of it when my company introduces a new app or other tool to make life easier i struggle to figure out how to install it let alone use it i worry, after seeing and hearing the peaceful demonstrations in the streets of winston salem this week protest songs from the '60s.

Bachelorette's hannah brown urged fans to stop defending her amid backlash for saying the n word with a moving plea on, the death of george floyd is causing people to call for justice in many forms as cbs2's cory james reported thursday a. Sunday a peaceful demonstration to honor the life of george floyd a black man killed by a white police officer last week in

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